Understand What Breast Cancer Is And How It Affects Your Fertility?

Understand What Breast Cancer Is And How It Affects Your Fertility?

Being a woman, you have a lifetime risk of getting breast cancer. Understanding what this disease is and how it affects your overall health can let you improve your breast cancer awareness. This awareness will give you a way to know your breasts and any unusual changes in them. Each year in the UK, more than 49,000 cases are diagnosed and one of eight women develops breast cancer at some stage of her life. According to research and survey reports, this disease has become a common one in the UK. More than 80% of breast cancers are found in women above 50. Apart from acknowledging breast cancer statistics in the UK and all over the world, it is also important to know what breast cancer is.
Breast Cancer
Cancer occurs in your body when your body cells start multiplying and mutating out in an abnormal way. In case of breast cancer, the cells inside your breasts start mutating out in an abnormal way and cause formation of tumors inside the breasts. Unfortunately, the causes behind breast cancer are not known but there are specific treatments that can be used to stop these cancerous cells growing further in your breasts. Remember that if you do not use any treatment method to cure this disease, the cancerous cells would spread in other parts of your body causing severe side effects and finally death.

Effects of breast cancer on your fertility
Although, breast cancer treatment is necessary to stop the growth of cancerous cells in your breasts it also affects your fertility as well. The effects of treatment might be temporary or permanent depending on type of treatment. Your fertility will be affected by a number of factors you receive along with your treatment such as dosage of drugs, your age and type of treatment. Chemotherapy is a known treatment method that causes a number of fertility issues. Women over 40 may lose their fertility on permanent basis because their fertility has already started to turn down.
Breastlight and its role in improving your breast awareness
Breastlight is a useful device that can help you detect unusual changes, which might be breast cancer symptoms. It shines a safe red light to enlighten your breasts and shows some of inner part as pattern of dark lines. This pattern is a normal condition since it represents blood vessels and veins. This device will show any anomaly as a dark patch. If you detect a dark patch using this device you need to consult your GP without any delay.

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