Understand Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Understand Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can’t be prevented by any means, but by taking control of risk factors and by educating you about it can lower the risk of breast cancer. You are born with some risk factors of developing it and some risk factors are related to your life style, eating habits, marital life, first pregnancy and breast feeding etc .It is important to know about the factors that increase or decrease your risk of developing this disease.
Be Responsible to Take Care of Your Breast Health
Breasts being the sensitive body part need special care and you are the only one who can take this responsibility to take care of breast health. Breast examination is the way to take care of your breasts it can be the clinical examination and screening of breasts to get the reliable results. Another way to take care of the breasts is performing breast self examination to enlighten breast cancer awareness.

Enlighten Breast Awareness with Breastlight
A lot of efforts are required to enlighten breast awareness, you need to be in touch with your breasts ,you are required to update your knowledge of breast cancer symptoms, causes , advancements in treatments ,survival rates and precautionary measures etc. Most of the women among you are not in habit of doing breast self examination because they are not sure whether they know how to do it effectively or not. To sort out the problem of these women a medical device breastlight is being invented that works as an aid to examine breasts.
What is Breastlight?
Breastlight can be defined as assistance for performing breast exam at home to look for unusual changes and to ensure the healthy breasts. This hand held device works by shining a safe red light through the tissues of breasts to show you the inner view. This device is so easy to operate and over a period of time it familiarizes you with the internal structure of your breasts and then it is very easy for you to locate the abnormalities when they are shown as dark clusters or shadowy areas. The purpose of this device is not to detect cancer but to enlighten your breast cancer awareness.

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