How Much Protection from 2019 Coronavirus Can Face Masks Offer?

As most of you know that at the end of last year, corona virus erupted from the city of Wuhan in China, and within few months it spread all over the world. This disease is now known as Covid-19 and many deaths have occurred due to this virus. As a matter of fact, till now no effective remedy could be found to prevent this virus.

World Health Organization however suggested than nobody should move around in public places without wearing protective respiratory N95 masks. These masks are also available from Custom Earth Promos. There are many other manufacturers too supplying these masks as they are in high demand now.

Now question is whether this kind of mask can fully protect us from this deadly virus, which is still causing deaths in many parts of the country as well as in many other parts of the world too. Almost 200K deaths have already occurred in the USA itself and the world figure is more than 500 million.

So, you can understand the seriousness of the disease and the worst part is that so far, no effective remedy has come out from anywhere to contain this virus. Although medical researchers all over the world are trying to find suitable vaccine for this virus, but officially no success has been achieved.

As a short-term measure people are using these faces masks to protect them and mostly following types of masks are used by people.

  1. Home-made masks

By using such homemade face masks, you will get small amount of protection, and can prevent any transmission of corona virus from asymptomatic people.

Also, CDC has recommended to use them in public places and at the same time people must maintain a proper physical distance and proper hygiene too.

  1. Surgical masks

These surgical masks were initially used by people but they cannot protect against corona infection. Neither these masks can filter out any smaller aerosol particles nor prevent any air leakages through all sides of these masks, while you are inhaling.

  1. N95 masks

By using N95 masks/respirators you can protect against even smaller respiratory droplets, which normally contain virus of this disease.

However, currently the CDC does not recommend using these masks outside of hospital settings. There are a number of reasons why they took this decision which includes:

  • Before using N95 respirators it must be fit-tested, so that people can use them in appropriate manner. Any poor seal may lead to leakages as a result its effectiveness will be compromised.
  • Because of tight fitting of N95 mask/respirators, it will be too uncomfortable and stuffy after wearing these masks. This will make it very difficult for wearer to wear them for long periods of time.
  • Also, worldwide supply of these N95 respirators has become limited. Particularly for hospital staff, it is compulsory for them to wear while they are treating corona affected patients.

People who already have N-95 mask, it is ok if they like to wear them but their used masks can never be donated to others. However, wearing such masks for a long duration is very difficult and it becomes inconvenient to breathe properly.

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