Couples Rehab Centers Within Your Reach

When partners in a romantic relationship have an addiction, quitting can be a real challenge. Couples who abuse alcohol or drugs experience an increasing emotional distance between each other. They often fight as well. This could lead to a vicious cycle of substance or alcohol abuse. Couples rehab centers provide specialized care for married and not yet married couples who are struggling with addiction.

Benefits of Seeking Addiction Treatment Together

Getting addiction treatment together can be beneficial for couples. If both partners are prepared to begin the recovery process, going to rehab together can put a stop to their addiction and strengthen their relationship by helping them assess and change the problems that led to their dependence on illegal substances in the first place.

Addicted couples often find it hard to set boundaries, make decisions, handle finances and express feelings. Couples rehab provides counseling, education, training, and skills to help partners improve their way of dealing with these issues. Even if only one partner suffers from an addiction, the other partner can still take advantage of couples rehab by helping their partner stay sober and learning to manage the other’s triggers. Couples rehab centers teach the tools required to attain long-term recovery and prevent relapse.

What Couples Rehab Centers Provide

Couples can enjoy substance abuse-free and healthier relationship. Individual treatment can address the substance abuse problem, but may not focus on or may neglect relationship issues. Couples rehab centers combine substance abuse treatment and relationship counseling to address the problem from all angles. This provides the best chances for restoring the relationship and for recovery. Couples rehab centers also provide an outline for life after treatment.

Couples rehab can be either outpatient or inpatient or a combination of both wherein one partner is treated as an outpatient, and the other is treated as an inpatient. The treatment format depends on your needs as a couple. An outpatient can continue living at home while getting treatment at the facility, while an inpatient stays at a residential drug rehab facility. According to clinical research, those who attend couples rehab report better functioning in the family, greater levels of satisfaction and contentment with the relationship and higher levels of abstinence.

Couples rehab centers use specific methodologies and tools to allow the couple to focus on fixing and strengthening their relationship and achieving sobriety. This results in long-lasting recovery and a happier relationship. Couples rehab centers can help partners overcome the vicious cycle of addiction and control their relationship and their lives better. Even those who have been long-term or heavy users can benefit from couples rehab. Rehab centers treat different substances, including cocaine, alcohol, heroin, crack, prescription drugs, marijuana, and methamphetamine.

Substance abuse can significantly affect a relationship. Aside from treating abuse of any substance, couples rehab centers can also address any co-occurring psychiatric or mental health problems you or your partner might be going through such as anxiety and depression. Their treatment programs are designed to heal gaps caused by substance abuse. Couples rehab can help ensure the happiness and health of your relationship.

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