3 Main causes of drug abuse

Drug addiction is often known as drug abuse, and it does not have any single cause. There are multiple causes of drug addiction that can harm an individual’s body and mind very badly.

The main causes of drug abuse are further divided into categories like biological causes, psychological causes, and socio-cultural and spiritual causes. Each of the causes acts in the same manner in increasing the manner of addiction.

Biological causes

Every person’s unique genetics and physiology contribute to the biological causes of addiction to drugs. Everyone is different from each other in degree, according to which they like or dislike any substance that is addictive in nature. Some individuals enjoy activities and substances to the extent that it becomes impossible for them to resist.

But this is not the same case for everyone. Other persons may not experience the same feelings because they might not find that much excitement in the substances. The brain function is not the same among every individual. This is one of the main causes of drug abuse.

Some people cannot resist certain impulses that become harmful to them in the future. These people have a higher tendency of developing risks of drug abuse. Our brain function and chemistry motivate us to repeat the things that we like and those pleasurable to us.

Unfortunately, this manner makes human beings develop certain addictions that might be pleasurable but harmful for the mind and the body.

Psychological causes

Psychological causes also play a vital role in drug abuse. Addiction is one of the harmful behaviors that human beings develop. People opt for such substances that are harmful to their bodies because psychologically, they get immense benefits and pleasures from the substances.

Some of the psychological benefits they get from addictions are coping with bad situations and feelings, boredom, reducing stress, and good sensations. Everyone does not have the same ability to cope up with unpleasant circumstances and emotions. Therefore, when someone is hav9ng very poor coping skills, they tend to be more attracted to addiction.

Many of the disorders like anxiety and depression reappear with addiction. They make people vulnerable. This is the reason people become more attracted and drawn to substances that are addictive in nature.

Socio-cultural and spiritual causes

Addiction to drugs also develops due to socio-cultural influences and spiritual causes. Socio-cultural behaviors make people drawn towards addictions because they guide the other members to follow the same social interactions and behaviors. When the particular group’s culture believes in accepting the use of drugs, other members of the group also follow the same pattern and become addicted.

Family is the most vital social influence that one individual gets. The culture transmits from one person to the other in a family. That is how children and other members learn about drug misuse and use.

The spiritual cause of drug abuse is often developed by individuals. The belief that life has a purpose and meaning gets a reflection of spirituality. Some people believe that life is bigger and there must be some purpose to it. While others have a belief that something is lacking and there is no purpose in life.

This belief makes them get pro in drug addiction. The people get disconnection from each other and get move towards addictive substances. They forget to live in harmony and concentrate on drug abuse only. The lack of proper spiritual knowledge makes them increase their addictions. Visit http://mogorehab.com/ for more information about the causes of drug abuse.



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