Does Your Loved One Have An Addiction?

Four Signs Your Loved One Has A Drug Problem

Admitting there is a drug problem is difficult for anyone to do, let alone the person who has the addiction. I have been on both sides of the fence. I can tell you, based on experience, the person is not going to admit they have a problem until they are ready to do it.

However, you can take steps to at least recognize what is happening.


Addicts face intense cravings. Most get to the point where will resort to any means necessary to get satisfy their cravings.

“I had it flown in on my private jet. I would stay up for days and days snorting cocaine and drinking bottles of booze. I had it delivered to my hotel room in the middle of the night. I would snort coke every four minutes. That is how bad it got. I got to the point where I would stagger around the room. Drop over and be in a blackout for days. Someone would find me and bring me back to life. Then, I would start the process over as nothing had happened.”

Elton John on his coke addiction

Elton’s story is just one of many about how their cravings get the best of them. Your loved one may be experiencing something like that now. Do not turn away. They will need your support. They just do not know it yet.

2)Physical Dependency

Addicts grow accustomed to the dependency, whether it is drinking, drugs, or both. My body got used to the cravings I had, including wine and tramadol. You may notice your loved one always needing something. They will get to the point where they start to function poorly. The lack of the drug is causing their body to go into shock.


Some people try to stop dependency on their own. That is commendable, though ill-advised, especially if the dependency is bad.

I quit tramadol cold turkey, and I went through an intense withdrawal process. I spent at least a month in pain. My body was not used to it. It took some time before my body started to get back to normal.

That is why it is suggested you talk to a rehab unit about the detox process. They know how to get your loved one back on track without intense suffering.

4)The Shame Factor

Your loved one is experiencing a certain degree of shame with their addiction. I did when I was drinking wine. I would sneak the bottles in the house. My hope was that no one would know, but they did. I knew my addiction was wrong, but I lived in denial for a long time.

Your loved one is facing the same thing. They know their addiction is causing pain. However, they are not ready to admit it yet. They are still holding onto the feelings of, ” I know what I am doing, okay!”

No matter how painful it is to watch, and it is painful, all you can do is be there. They will need you. Some addicts take longer than others to see the light.

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