5 Common Reasons That Explain Your Inability to Focus

There’s no way to schedule your attention. Your body has a way of being on its own schedule despite your best intentions.

So, does this mean there’s no hope when you’re chronically unable to focus at work? Absolutely not.

But the first step is understanding the source of your inability to keep your mind on track. Here are 5 common reasons that might explain your brain fog.

  1. Terrible Eating Habits

We’ve heard that a healthy diet leads to a healthy lifestyle so many times it almost feels like a myth. But though it’s the most boring news you’ve heard all week, it’s still the truth.

What you eat determines how well your body performs or doesn’t perform, throughout the day. The other bad news is that you might not be able to simply follow strict diet guidelines and get the results you want.

Everyone’s genetic code works differently meaning you’ll need to find the foods that keep your mind at its sharpest. In general, this list won’t include candy, alcohol, illegal drugs, caffeine, fried foods, or lots of carbs.

  1. Poor Sleep Habits

Again, everyone knows they a decent night’s rest in order to function. Yet, many people try to use caffeine as a mediator between themselves and sleep in hopes of negotiating fewer required hours.

Sleep doesn’t negotiate. It has its minimum demands for your body and you can fall in line or get left behind. There are at least 5 Signs Youre Not Getting Enough Sleep that relate to mental performance.

  1. Dehydrated

Brain fog can sometimes happen when you’re feeling dehydrated. If you’ve been using soda or juice as your primary method of hydration, your brain might be suffering from a sugar attack.

The problem with sugar is that it causes your body to speed up during a ‘high’ only to crash afterward. The simplest way to hydrate your body is by drinking room temperature water.

Try to drink half your body weight in water in ounces.

  1. Multi Screening

One easy way to get your mind back on track is to stop using as many screens. When you need your brain to focus on one specific task, it’s important to keep your screens and tabs to a minimum.

No matter how hard you try, it’s tough to be excited about something you don’t want to do when you have the option of distracting yourself with other fun tasks.

  1. Tasks vs. Goals

Another reason you might be unable to focus is that you don’t have a clear or realistic plan for the day. Just adding items to your to-do list doesn’t mean there’s a clear end goal in sight.

Organizing your day according to goals instead of tasks gives your brain flexibility in how to get to the end result.

What Happens When You’re Unable to Focus

Focus is where you find your inner genius. When your brain is unable to focus, you’ll get lukewarm results on even the simplest projects for school or work.

Start by focusing on your physical health then creating a plan to accomplish your top priorities. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.


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