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Pistachio nuts are directly consumed by humans, used in the confectionery and bakery industry, as well as in other areas. They are endowed with an original taste and a large number of useful properties, which determines the popularity of such products. How to choose the right pistachios so that such nuts are as tasty and healthy as possible? This will be discussed further.

Requirements for the quality of pistachios

When it comes to pistachios, the quality of products is regulated by the state standard, which provides for the division of goods into roasted, salted and treated with citrus juice. According to the varietal type, pistachios are divided into long and round.

This product has a typical nut flavor, without any off-flavors of rancid, moldy or other character.

  • The shell must be clean, free from stains and damage.
  • In pistachios, a moisture content of no more than 7% is allowed.
  • The presence of kernels, hard shells, pericarp and other foreign components in unpeeled pistachios is unacceptable.

Such products should not be contaminated with live insect pests and mites.

The richness of healthy vegetable fats, proteins and fiber makes pistachios a healthy and delicious natural food that is sought after by healthy people, vegetarians, vegans and raw foodists. Despite the high nutritional value, pistachios can be called a dietary product, provided that the dosage is observed. In turn, the delicate sweetish taste of nuts is revealed in a new way as an ingredient for baking and desserts.

The advantages of pistachios

Selected large nuts from the NutstopCompany are distinguished by their naturalness and freshness. Pistachios are not processed with chemicals and are packaged without the use of salt, preservatives and flavor enhancers. You can purchase goods both in small and large wholesale. The NutstopCompany cooperates exclusively with trusted manufacturers of pistachios in bulk, which allows to guarantee the high quality of all products.

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