What do you know about medicare hearing aids?

Hearing issues are very common in America and according to the Hearing Loss Association of America, from every three people, one has a hearing loss. A very common factor in the hearing loss is aging. As you age, it becomes harder for you to hear properly and clearly and often you need a hearing aid to listen properly. The hearing issues typically start at the age of 65 years or above but they could start even in the younger people as well.

We all know that the cost for the hearing aids is very high and you need something more than ordinary to fulfill this cost because the hearing aids are as expensive as $24000 each. And almost every other old person needs one, so it becomes difficult for them to afford it and those who are enrolled in Medicare look up to it for some assistance and this is where the question arises that does medicare even cover the hearing aids?

Alas, the answer is not positive for the hearing aids as medicare simply does not take care for providing you with the hearing digital aids. However, it can be a source of help for you if you want to get examined by some ear specialist and the doctor recommends some hearing test for you but only for some medical reasons. If so is the case, then Medicare will be paying around 80% of the total charges while rest of the 20% will be paid by the beneficiary who is taking the advantage from medicare.

Now another thing that is helpful in the case where medicare simply does not provide the facilities for certain treatments are the supplemental plans from the private insurance companies that work to bridge the gap created by medicare. Unfortunately the answer here is also negative as there is no supplemental plan out of the ten that would offer you to get the hearing aid and they would pay the major price. The only reason behind this seems to be the high costs of the hearing aids. However, some supplemental plans could offer you to get the hearing test done on their behalf. You can check for the details of the medicare hearing aids before you get on to talk to some doctor about it. We can hope that sooner or later medicare will be paying attention to fulfilling some percentage of hearing aids as well.

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