All you need to know about Breast augmentation and pregnancy

There are many of the people who are having some problems or some questions with pregnancy and breast augmentation. This includes all the questions such as will breastfeeding with affected and many more such questions.

Pregnancy and childbirth will change the entire life of women whether it is about the physical body or emotional. Breastfeeding is just one other thing that a woman thinks about before getting breast augmentation. So, here are all the answers by which you will know whether you should get the implant or you should not get it.

Surgery after pregnancy

Women have many questions regarding the surgery after pregnancy. The questions we will be answering are

  • How much time to wait after giving birth
  • Should I do the surgery in between children

The first answer is, generally you should wait more than six months after childbirth when you go for the next NYC breast augmentation. You should not exactly wait six months but should try waiting for more than that to get the best results. Your doctor will be able to tell you more about the time you should wait depending on your body.

Now, you can have the implants in between the children or you can also choose to get the implants after you are done with children. It is totally up to you. However, you should keep in mind that, there should be enough time between childbirth and the augmentation.

Will it affect breastfeeding?

The other highest asked question and the doubt that many women have is if they get the NYC breast augmentation, will that affect the breastfeeding. In most cases, breast augmentation doesn’t affect breastfeeding. This is because naturally, women’s breasts can produce milk before you get the surgery. When you get the augmentation, three are no specific changes made to that process. Therefore, there are no problems faced during breastfeeding if you get the implants.

Breast lift and augmentation

These are two different things that you should know. Breast augmentation is suited and recommended for the women who have seen the volume loss after the pregnancy. This process will change the volume and not the position or the chest cavity of the breast. Therefore, it is recommended for women who have seen the volume loss. This is the case of most of the women. So, there are high chances that you will fall into this category.

On the other hand, a breast lift is for the women who want to fix the position of the breast tissue. It will change the position of the breast and doesn’t affect or increase the volume of the breast. You can select this if you want to reposition your breast.

If you want both of the things, you can surely have breast augmentation as well as breast lift both.  It depends on you what you want, you can consult the surgeon for more tips or suggestions. They will help you out. You can also ask all the other questions you are having directly to them.

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